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Intellectual Freedom: A path to progess, compassion, protection, and fairness

By Amy Girard, January 2022 Suzanne Nossel’s book “Dare to Speak Defending Free Speech for All” gives some very interesting perspective and draws from her experience, which includes being the CEO of PEN America. Nossel’s discussion of free speech in the United States is comparable to discussion about the fundamental freedoms protected by Canada’s Canadian…

The BCLA Intellectual Freedom Committee

The Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) of the BC Library Association has been dormant for a time and we are now resurrecting it with the intent of engaging directly with the current debate about the importance of and limits of freedom of expression. What information do we have a right to access and what information should…

A fresh start and opening conversation

Welcome to the BCLA Intellectual Freedom Blog. Wendy Wright and Deb Thomas, Co-chairs of the IFC, are hoping to see this as a place for conversations about intellectual freedom (IF), a place to air our differences of opinion on what IF means and what it includes, and perhaps come to some common understanding, or at…

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